JUNIOR  CLUB  2019 – 2020


Junior golfers who are members of Golf Club La Margherita (as their 1st or 2nd golf club) can join the Junior Club, under the condition that they are required to have a valid Medical Certificate for Sports Activities. Boys/girls who are born between 01/01/2001 and 31/12/2013 will be admitted.

Enthusiasm and to enjoy ourselves is the basic idea of the Junior Club, abiding by the golf rules and respecting the facilities which are made available.

The juniors will be divided into groups according to age, playing level and which type of tournaments they can participate in.

Competitive Group:
Boys who have an EGA Handicap of 18 or less, Girls who have an EGA Handicap of 22 or less can participate in this group’s practice which is held on Wednesday.  

Baby Group:
Kids who are 12 or younger, who has an EGA Handicap of over 36 will belong to this group 

Junior Group:
Kids who are over 12 years old and with an EGA Handicap under 36 will belong to this group  


During the season, there will be many competitions of different levels, in the Piedmont region, as well as at the national level.

The official calendar of the competitions can be found on the website of Federgolf.  However it is constantly being updated, so we advise you that you check the site from time to time.

Our goal is to promote participation in as many competitions as possible (even if they are still small of age), so they will be stimulated and in this way, our lessons will be effectively carried out.


The cost is €400,00 and it includes the following:

  • Participation in the lessons given by Soffietti Golf Academy
  • Junior Club internal matches, dates yet to be decided
  • Golf Rules Lessons
  • Special discount on private lessons
  • €50,00 worth of practice balls for kids under 12 (obliged to receive Badge from the Reception, €5 deposit)
  • €100,00 worth of practice balls for kids who are under 18(obliged to receive Badge from the Reception, €5 deposit)


Junior Club lessons begin on Sunday,  March 24, 2019, up till Sunday,  23 June 23. It will re-start on Saturday

 September 7, up till October 27, 2019.

There will be no lesson on Easter Sunday,  April 21.

At the end of the annual Junior Club lessons, there will be a JUNIOR CLOSING FINAL CUP, the date yet to be decided.  


The lesson time and day of the Junior Club are as follows:

  • Wednesday 14.30 -18.00: Boys with less than 18 EGA HCP  and girls with less than 22 EGA HCP                            
  • Saturday 14.00 -16.00 – Sunday 14.00 -16.00: Kids who are less than 12 years old and have EGA HCP of 36 or more                                                                                              
  • Saturday 16.00 -18.00 – Sunday 16.00 -18.00: Kids who are more than 12 years old and have EGA HCP of 36 or less 


This Summer Camp will be held in July at a golf course in the mountains. Details yet to be decided.

Registration is open to all junior golfers under 16 (also not members of Golf Club La Margherita), but with Handicap. In case of too many bookings, priority will be given to those who already belong to our Junior Club and the chronological order they had made their request.


Parents are requested to fill out a Document together with the Registration Form for the Junior Club to release responsibility from the club, in case of inadequate behavior of their child/ren during the Junior Club lessons.


Please contact the Reception of the Golf Club for registration and other information:  
Tel. +39 011.979.51.13       Email: segreteria@golfclublamargherita.it

Head of Junior Club
Enrico Oddenino: oddeninoe@gmail.com

For technical information, please contact the Soffietti Golf Academy.
Stefano Soffietti: cell.+39 335.610.82.56      Email: stefanosoffietti@soffiettiacademy.it